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Add an Extra 10-20K a Month in Email Revenue

Your email list should be one of your highest earning income streamsLet's get started on making that happen...

Our Simple 5-Step Process

  • Discovery Call: We'll have a quick chat to discuss what areas we can improve on and to see if we'll be a good fit.

  • Target Audience Research: This is the fun part. We'll analyze your customer's avatar for personalized emails that will increase conversions.

  • Segmentation: Here is when I go in and separate your list into different sections. Buyers from leads, warm inbound traffic, etc.

  • Automation + Custom Campaigns: After segmentation custom campaigns will be sent to the different segments of your email list

  • Bi-Weekly Calls: Every other week we'll hop on a call to see progress and areas for improvement.

Let's take a look...

Each business is different, so that means the strategies that work for one brand probably won't work for yours.The strategies that I will provide to your business will be completely tailored to exactly what your business needs.From your brand voice to the timing of your welcome emails, I will dissect your business to provide the best results so you can put more money in your pocket.

You got this far..

Getting increased customer retention and conversions isn't easy, especially through copywriting. But the good news is I'll give your company's outreach a look and see where and what I can help you improve on.Click this button so we can get started on making you more money.